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My progress and routine
So far I am rotating these supplements/herbs
Neocell supercollagen w/biotin in it (only 1 pill)
Neocell hyaluronic acid
Fish oil omega 3

Grobust (only 2 pills)
Hemp protein mixed into yogurt

Everyday I drink a huge glass of whole milk with a bit of chocolate mixed in 
Everyday I eat a yogurt (on hemp protein days the hemp is added into the yogurt)
Every morning I drink a cup of decaf folgers with a little bit of cream but do not add sugar
I can see and feel some slow growth

Also I massage my boobs with Dr. Teal's moisturizing bath and body oil
I use hemp lotion on my body a few times a week 
I try to eat as healthy and clean as I can
I have an addiction to lifesavers wintogreen mints  Dodgy
No caffiene in my diet as I am sensitive to it
Diagnosis hypothyroidism (born with underdeveloped thyroid)
Have gotten a tubal ligation

I listen to breast growth subliminals on you tube
So far boyfriend says they look bigger but not sure myself 
Will update when possible. Be patient as I am sometimes busy.


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