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No boobs at all.
So...the boobs are made for the most part by fat, so: weight gain =more boobs (no matter if weight gain = more butt, more tummy, more fat all over the body) 
I was skinny, so i gained a lot of weight (8 lbs) BUT i add fat all over the body except for boobs.
What the hell is it?
Give me both!
It could possibly be a hormonal imbalance. I recall reading somewhere that different hormones, including progesterone and estrogen, signal growth and fat storage in specific areas of the body. If one has excessive estrogen, they will store most of their fat in the lower region of their body. If the opposite occurs, one can be "top heavy" with smaller hips and backside. If someone has too much cortisol they will generally store fat primarily in their mid-section. While genetics play a large role in body composition, I believe optimizing hormones will produce a more favorable body shape if done properly.
So, progesterone dominance will lead me to more boobs? 
I’m not pear or Apple shaped, my body proportions are good BUT chest is flat. If i Gain weight i gain everything (not just butt or tummy) except for boobs.
Generally speaking, I believe that if a woman's body leans moreso towards progesterone production, then she is more likely to have a larger chest. This is just my conclusion after researching the topic. 

Hmm, that's very interesting. Well, since your body proportions are balanced, maybe looking into herbs that encourage fat cell growth/storage in the chest? I recently read in a thread certain herbs do that, but I can't remember what they were...Im sorry!


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