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(17-05-2019, 06:06 PM)CoconutCrush Wrote:  Hello everyone, 

I’ve read threads and threads of successful stories here and on other sites. I’ve noticed that women who already are B , C or bigger cups respond to any routine very quickly since they already have fat there and somehow they respond to the herbs/massage very differently.
With me, I have literally no fat in my upper half , a typical pear shaped body. My collarbones are very prominent even the ribs on my chest are visible and the fat never ever gets deposited on my chest area which is a big hinderance in NBE. 
Once I gained 14lbs and not even +1/2 cup increase. I am not sure if what I’m thinking Is correct or not but if it is, how can I go ahead with this?

Hi Coconut Crush,

Most of the pills, creams and herbs work to let your body retain fat or water as you mentioned, however they don't work on women that are thin, can't gain weight or want to be fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.  That is where the Grow Yours Natural Breast Enhancement Process differs from those other methods because we deal with lobe development like when a woman gets pregnant but without having to get pregnant.  Our process guides you to developing your lobes (milk glands) to increase in size which create breast volume like when you are pregnant and then it has a maintenance plan to allow you to keep the increases on a reduced session and exercise program compared to when you are trying to get the increases.  

Incidentally, when you retain fat or water in your body, you cannot wish that the fat is retained only on your breasts, it goes throughout your whole body and if your lucky, most or some will go to your breasts.  With the Grow Yours process all the increases go to the breasts because that is the only place that the lobes are found.   Having a flatter stomach from exercise or being fit only accentuates any increases the are achieved through our process. 

For more information you can search "growyours process" in this forum or check our site https://growyours.com 


A chest area with insufficient fat can affect one's body symmetry and self-confidence, emphasizing the importance of targeted exercises and body contouring techniques to achieve desired results.

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