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Estriol/estradiol cream with Progesterone cream
Hi everyone ! I've been lurking here for a while now, and using various oils and herbs with moderate results. Recently,  in an effort to simplify my routine and take a more direct path, i've been looking into PC and estriol/estradiol creams.  Since both hormones are synergistic, i intend to apply both directly on my breasts, one time a day, with a week pause per month. Has anyone tried this before, here ? If so, what were your results ? I looked on the forum, but found mainly PC users. Blush

Thanks, by advance !

English isn't my first language, so excuse me if i sound a bit rough.
I remember there is a old thread about it. u can try searching estradiol creams or estrogen cream.

but I dont think u should apply to breast all the time. according to the instruction of my PC cream, u should rotate the area of application, and I believe it's the same for estradiol cream. Basically u should apply to area with thin skin, u can try googling. 

I've heard ppl saying estradiol cream is better because oral estrogen will lower the production of igf-1 in liver.


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