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Don’t know where to start
I’m a 19 yo female.  I haven’t measured myself but I’m definitely no more than a 32A.  When I started puberty I was developing properly, my chest wasn’t big but I look back at my old photos when I’m like 13 and honestly looks like I was the same size as I am now, maybe even slightly bigger.  I literally haven’t grown since then and I think the reason is because of poor diet.  I drastically cut down calories when I was 14 and struggled with binge eating the next few years.  I ate a lot of sugar and junk food at once and then I would exercise it off only to do it again.  I believe this really messed with my hormones and prevented me from developing properly.  My mom is really curvy and all the women in my family have a C cup or at least a full B.  This is why I feel like I’m just underdeveloped.

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]I want to start a NBE program but I don’t really know where to start or what would be the best for me.  I’m young and from what I’ve seen here I shouldn’t be doing herbs.  I’ve been having a lot of acne lately as well as allergies, IBS and insomnia which leads me to believe that I have some type of hormonal imbalance.  But I haven’t been properly tested and I’m inclined to try out PC but I know that has risks and I’m not even 100% sure I’m progesterone deficient.  [/font][/font]

[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Does anyone have any advice on what I should do?  I’m not even looking for a drastic growth, but I want to be at least a B.  A full B/small C is my ideal but at this point even an inch would be better than nothing.  So far I’ve done massages with flax seed oil and was taking fenugreek for a bit but stopped because I was concerned about possible side effects after reading some threads on here.[/font][/font]
start with a better diet   ...protein (many kinds of protein out there ..simpler proteins are easier to digest like plant proteins ..beef proteins are big and take more energy to digest), adequate whole food carbs, healthy fats    .....and, massage ..try a simple massage oil ..a simple one i like is coconut oil and i add cocoa butter (it's solid at room temp but with a little heat it melts just fine) ..you can add a few drops of this or that essential oil later if you like   ...but, those two things are a good starting point.  drink adequate water  ...the body is constantly producing cellular waste and needs a solvent to move it out ..that's water  ..it also, needs water for all it's metabolic processes  ...get some whole body exercise ...you don't have to be a gymnast ..just so the body moves. our bodies are designed to move ..if they don't then everything goes downhill and nightmarish  ..just slow enough so that you don't really notice, then, one day, oh, no, fuck me. when you massage your breasts, be easy. that's good to start. you know what i think ..i think if all the women in your family have nice curves and breasts, then, you start doing these things, your body will likely catch up really fast. cheers
Hi Ebonzie,
Solome has good advice, and I would schedule a DR visit to find out what your hormone levels are.
You might tell her your concerns with small breasts and if she is caring and very good, she will work with you to get T and E in line.
Now that your here, stick around, we all love to hear progress reports, and help you with our experiences.



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