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anyone use flaxseed oil? Am really starting to see result so
I’ve tried every natural breast enhancement method in the book fenugreek, genetix Organic ($50 a
Bottle with no results and I went through 3 bottles) etc

Have been using flax seed oil semi regularly and am really starting to see a difference. Anyone else wannanshare their experience? I don’t even massage it onto my breasts but for very long 30 second season rob 2 minute usually 

Should I keep going? I’ve been getting lazy now that I see results and I don’t want them to shrink back

This could also be because I haven’t eaten candy in 3 weeks? I used to be skinny fat and would eat sweets every day 
I still have a sweet tooth and actually had 2 subway cookies and cupcake today ooops lol but I’ve heard sugar screws with your hormones


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