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Let´s see if this works. Tweaking MsMadScientist's Program
Hi, everyone! I've been lurking for some time now and doing some research until I came up with what I think is a program that could work for me. 

I apologize for any grammar/ spelling mistakes, as English isn't my first language. 

I'm a 24 y/o female, I'm currently a 38D. Ideally, I'd like to reach a 36DD, however just keeping my actual size while losing weight would also be really good.  (I also want to lose weight). 

My main, MAIN goal is to get a very curvy/hourglass shape. I currently have kind of a curvy figure because I do have a little bit of hips and booty, as well as breasts, however I'm overweight and want to change that, my main concern is that when I was thinner I lost all my boobs and hips, with like a very boyish figure, so my goal is to try to lose weight but enhance/keep my assets. I am currently waist training and weight training for lower body, and I used to be very skeptical that one could just grow breasts naturally, but after seeing a lot of success stories here on NBE, I decided to try and see if it works for me. 

My Current Nutrition
I'm currently following a high-protein, moderate fat, moderate to low carb (tweaked for heavy days at the gym). However I do have a "moderate" cheat day in which I do eat more freely, but of course, trying to not stagnate my weekly progress. 
I also eat and drink a lot of antioxidants and antiinflammatory foods/ drinks to help with my acne/rosacea and I make sure to have probiotics such as Kombucha or Yakult regularly, my main meals during weekdays are fruits/veggies, white meat for protein (with the very occasional beaf on weekends), eggs, protein bars and shakes, good fats such as nuts, avocado, etc. I do eat bread, tortillas and such but with a lot of moderation My sweet daily treat is a little bit of 70% dark chocolate, a little piece, think about 20g. 

My plan: 
There is a very famous plan that everyone here is crazy about, MsMadScientist's one, and I'm going to base mine on it, but with a few tweaks. 

The original plan consists of: 
  • 60 g of grounded flax seed distributed on two glasses of water a day, one in the morning and one in the evening 
  • I don't recall the exact quantity of soy flour and 2 200 ml glasses of whole fat milk a day. 
Now, I've read about the benefits of both flax seed and soy flour, and it makes sense that they would somehow estimulate breast growth, however I have a couple of problems with the soy flour+ whole fat milk thing. 

I'm trying to lose weight, and also suffer from acne/rosacea, so whole fat milk breaks me out and gives me flushes of rosacea like nothing else. 
Also, soy flour had A LOT of fat and calories, so it's a no no from me.
Also it was very easy and cheap for me to find grounded flaxseed, but imposible to find full fat soy flour. 

My version of the plan: 
  • 60 g of grounded flax seed distributed on two glasses of water a day, one in the morning and one in the evening (however I'm going to start with a lower quantity and work my way up depending how I'm feeling, due to cyanide concerns)
  • 2 200 ml glasses of soy milk a day 
Yes, I am aware that probably I'm not gonna get the same results but I'm willing to tweak and see if it can work for me that way. 
Also taking a cup or two of spearmint tea to balance things out. 

I was originally wanting to introduce fenugreek into the program, but for the moment I can't find it anywhere where I live, I'm thinking about implementing it if I hit a plateau. 

I'm going to massage twice a day for ten minutes each, I'm gonna be using flaxseed oil as my lubricant. I'm going to try to do the chi and deer massage and a fat drain to my boobs. 

Why am I massaging instead of pumping? 
I'm terribly scared of nerve damage, also the act of pumping my boobs kinda scares me a bit, consider also that I'm not aiming for a very dramatic change on cup size. Also, I love massages, LOOOOVE THEM! I'm thinking about implementing them along side a binaural audio, to see if both of them together boost the result. Also, helps me keep trackof time (10 minute binaural audios) 

Binaural audios
I'm very skeptical of these, but like I said, it helps me keep track of time, it can do no harm and I've heard people swear by them, also, I'm a very auditive person, I'm very stimulated by ASMR videos, I usually use them to help me get to sleep, so I'm thinking about using them instead oF ASMR, as some of them are very stimulating. 

Binaurals I will be listening to: 




Since I will be also massaging my hips and glutes, I'm also going to be listening to their respective binaurals while massaging those particular areas. 

Since I want to better my skin, after doing some research I found out that most of the supplements recommended taking I was already consuming beforehand, so the list is: 
  • 3000 mg of MSM 
  • Multivitamin 
  • Fish oil(I believe it is 1000 mg) 
  • Thinking about adding maca for booty gains, but I need to research deeper into that
And that's about it, I will also be taking a break from all of this on my period week, to help hormonal imbalances and not let my body get too acostumed to it. 

I'm starting tomorrow since today is my weekly cheat day (yay!). I will do weekly updates on how I'm feeling. 
I attached a picture of my boobs, that my bf took of me, they're pressed against each other, but you can get a little bit of a hint of their size. I don't really want to post a nude pic of my breasts since I'm insecure about them being saggy, but I will post photos on that same dress if I see interesting results. 

Thanks for reading and I wish you the best of lucks in your NBE journey.

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Guys, I feel like this might be working. 

I started barely yesterday, and I didn't even made the 2 massages, just one in the morning, and my boobs feel like when you're about to get your period, even though mine is going to come in about 2 weeks from now, there aren't any visible changes, but definitely this triggered a response in my boobs in just one day!

I'm going to be reporting my progress in a week or sooner if I see anything out of the ordinary. 

Also, I feel like the chi massage is giving me better results than the female deer, I feel my boobs more "activated" this way.
Good luck! I wish I had what you were endowed with now! Where did you get your soy flour?
(20-04-2019, 06:52 PM)imbackagain Wrote: Good luck! I wish I had what you were endowed with now! Where did you get your soy flour?

Thank you! Best of lucks on your NBE journey as well, I couldn't get any soy flour, I'm using regular soy milk and it's working just as fine. I think the mix of the binaural audios+ massage is what's giving me the best reaults so far.


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