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Progress with massage
I've been massaging for about two weeks with small results (perkier breasts but nothing more), however yesterday night before going to bed I did my usual session and I noticed that my breasts were clearly fuller and heavier, and so its safe to assume they are also bigger! <3 I don't take measurements but the progress is very evident to me. To the ones who got results using massage, is feeling your breasts more heavy a sign its working?
your growing, but..
First you want to take your measurements, and pictures of front and side at least, you dont have to share them but just for you own reference. You need measurements and pics, since one of them is bound to lie to you as you grow.
You dont need to update these very often just when you think you have some progress or you think your not growing.
Second, your fullness may be to your normal cycle. you might not have noticed the change as much as you do now since your now more familiar with your breasts than you were before.
Third, if the fullness sticks after your cycle them I'd say your on your way.
Keep doing what your doing and feel free to ask question or progress reports.
happy growing!
Thank you for the advice!  yeah I really should take measurements... I haven't tracked for a while. 
They were heavy, then became tender and almost smaller I guess? Only to go back feeling heavy today. It might be hormonal and period-related, but I do hope its due to a growth haha Wink


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