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I need a bit of encouragement
(12-04-2019, 09:34 PM)solome Wrote: hi sweetorange. you know, we all know this feeling. this is our shared human experience  …eat, drink sleep, go to school, stress out, think of having sex, actually have sex, think about having more sex, die. more or less. i’m always, always thinking of this balance of body output vs. optimal body food input …that is, everything has a vibration and i want to put good vibrations into my vibrating body …hahahaha. ok, enough. hey, i’ve really gotten into listening to binaural beats music on youtube ..especially, while meditating, reading, writing. there are some really good ones for relaxing the mind and body. you’re so good, sweet orange ..take care of yourself…….. you’re better than most with your perseverance. Smile ..oh, hey ...it's perfectly normal for us to go up and down ..mind, emotions ..all of life on this planet seems to experience cycles of up, down, wax, wane ...it would be unusual for any of us not to experience bouts of depressed spirit ..i think it's life's way of talking to us saying stop, close your eyes, breathe. been thinking a lot about the law of attraction  ..trying to attract larger boobage and a boyfriend to touch them ...a lot.

Solome! How are you doing?? Haven't heard of you for ages!

PS: any binaural beats you recommend?
(13-04-2019, 05:10 PM)Happyme Wrote: Hi SweetOrange.
I'm sorry your Glum Chum.
Spring is here so get out and smell the flowers, enjoy a day in the country, and let the sun shine into your heart.
If you have a warmer day head off to the beach and show off your NBE efforts, and soak in the sea to let your cares float away!


Thats a big hug for you

You are so sweet Bobbi! <3 

Btw how is your NBE journey?


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