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Hi everyone, 36C trying to get firmer and maybe bigger (pics)
I'm a caucasian female, living in Northern Europe. I'm in my early forties and had 2 kids at age 24 and 26, both breastfed. Since about 21 years I've always been 36C and 6 ft / about 11 st (except pregnancies and breast feeding time). Visible muscles, not so much fat, zero belly. Well, zero butt also but I really don't care about that Big Grin There are guys who like butts smaller. For example my fiancé.

Sadly, when approaching 40 my boobs begin to sag Sad Some weeks ago I got crazy huge and swollen period boobs for some hormonal reason. I loved them so very much!  I began to search, would there be any way to gain that fullness and firmness without the compulsory period. That's how I found the NBE community and decided to give it a try.

Here are (hopefully) the before pics. Without a bra, sadly saggy Sad Sad  With a push-up bra they look quite nice though. But it would be really nice to look better naked in the bosom area.

I'm taking phytoestrogens in a pill form, using Total Curve cream (started yesterday) and massaging them twice a day 5-60 minutes depending how muh I have time. I bought an electornic massaging device that'll do the work while I work with my computer. I also try to add more nuts and chicken to my diet. 
So, let's see if I can get any results Smile
hello saggybunny. i hope you've had some good results with the total curve cream. i know the look you want. it's the look all girls want. 

what's attractive  ...a healthy body ...a healthy appetite and diet ...a good program to push your physical body ..to make your heart pound and push our blood to the farthest capillary, for our lungs and diaphragm to work as hard as it can to take in oxygen. what makes a healthy, attractive girl ..everything, including all those enzymes and steroids and proteins and polypeptides and neurotransmitters and the esoteric compounds our body makes ....so how do we keep this going ..it takes a lot and of course, we have our genetic predispositions. one of my genetic predispositions is to deposit most of my body fat on my butt, it's been like that since i was a child and hasn't changed. 

healthy bodies have a good skin ..which is our largest organ with it's connective tissue and fat and all the vessels and nerves and sweat glands, sebum, etc ...why doesn't it continue. i know pregnancy has a huge impact on breast tissue so, it takes all those things to get it back which, i know can happen. what i worry about is keeping our body heated up with estrogen but kept in balance so we don't drive our cells too fast and hard. 

you mentioned the total curve cream ..there are some other products i've been thinking about but haven't tried ..over-the-counter menopause products  ...some contain interesting herbal compounds  ..you don't have to be menopausal to take them. one thing that i have tried and believe can make a difference ..controversial for some ..are glandulars  ....hypothalamus, pituitary, placenta, ovarian glandulars  .....but, what i feel is that it's a whole body thing ..exercise, diet that includes a lot of raw fruits and veggies, good fats, joy, sex, regular, gentle breast massage, etc  ....but to restore breasts does take a bit of time and patience ..don't give up ...i think if you took the whole body route then, there will be many, many other healthy and attractive benefits, as well. hope you are doing well.
use collagen supporting ligaments etc supps throughout what your doing for nbe. collagen, broths, msm , gelatin, we loose that as we age hence the sagging, wrinks etc. hyaluronic acid you can take internally or externally as a cream, for plumpness etc.
just some thoughts  Smile Smile


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