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Finally getting good luteal swelling! Now how to make it last...
So just a quick update for what it's worth.

I started around 6 months ago using PC during the second half of my cycle, and shativari + saw palmetto during the whole cycle. My periods immediatley became erratic and I was bleeding for weeks at one point. So at the beginning of the year, I dropped the shativari and since then have been using just progesterone + saw palmetto.

My periods have finally returned this month so I think my body has finally adjusted well to the PC and I can start adding in some other things. For the past two months I have been having some nice swellling in my boobs while using the PC - about an inch or so. It goes away when I stop though, and it is a bit painful so I'm sure it's swelling not growth.

Now I'm wondering if I should start ramping up the PC, or start adding in a little bit of PM or Shativari during the week after my period. I already have both...

Anyways, just sharing this tiny bit of progress and look forward to hearing any wisdom that the more experienced ladies here might have to offer! =)
I am interested in knowing this as well! My experience is similar to yours. Have luteal swelling after adding pc but no growth. Then I switch to pm and stopped pc. First month after switching, still have swelling. But the next couple months my swelling went away. I plan to add pc back it with very low dose of of pm to see what’s happened.

I feel like I’m one step closer but not there yet to growing!
If you are not doing it already, you girls need to add massaging your breasts with oil to your nbe program. Almond, coconut or aloe vera oil. Just 5 minutes 2 to 4 times a day. Could add fenugreek oil for increased growth rate but it has strong syrup smell. Should also consider pumping. Oh, and drink lots of water.


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