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Bigger, fuller and braless program
So, here I go again.  I was  into  NBE with herbs and massages year ago but didn't have all information I needed  I think. Most of all my boobs got so tender I stopped, because it was impossible to wear a bra. So this time it's no bra 24/7 Big Grin
My stats:
35 year old
Preggo two times but only breastfeeded for about 3  months total.
Bust european size 80C (us 36C?) but soft and saggy
Goal 75 E or F 
Probably slightly estrogen dominant

Every day 
  • L-tyrosine
  • Omega 3
  • MSM 4000 mg
  • Ashwaganda
  • Milkthistle
  • Fenugeek 600 mg 
Cycle day 1-4
  • Dandelion 
  • Dong quai 
Cycle day  5-14
  • PM low dose
Cycle day 15-28
  • Saw palmetto 1500 mg 
  • PC strong Cream
  • 3x day massage with coconut oil
  • Nipple stimulation 40 min a day for prolactin
How does this sound?
I really like Dong quai but when in my cycle should I take it?
Is nipple stimulation beneficial?

I drink a lot of fennel tea too!
And I love beeing braless now Blush
So, my period isn't due until 9 days from now so my program hasn't started yet for real but I have been following it 10 days except for the PM/PC cycling . I have been taking red clover and something in my program, maybe the red clover, makes my skin glow. Very Nice.
Boobs are tender, very tender.

I think nipple stimulation is very important for breast health and the lympatc system so I use succion device every morning to clear the milk ducts. Ofcourse I do not have any milk but womens breasts are made for milking and having the milk ducts activated each day is super healthy!

 Today I will start with PC and hopefully some tenderness will go away.


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