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My BO program
hi, i’m 26, bio women, undeveloped with AA cup and if I gain weight I gain everything except for Boobs.
So, I decided to try Bo 
I have acne, man body (no hips, no booty, just fat in inner thights and tummy) no hormonal issues.

I’m petite and with few receptors (according to Bonny theory) so,not a lot of BO for me.

Right now: 

1 Swanson Bo pill in the morning + 1 kelp (Swanson’s) 

1 protein shake at lunch 

1 Swanson Bo pill in evening + 1 pituitary 

1 cup or 2 of spearmint tea (for androgens) 

Trying to quit smoking, work-outs 

Need advice please!!! I’m very scared of taking this gross pills.
No tingles and no pain, is there anything wrong?
(Yesterday, 07:32 PM)AimDcups Wrote: No tingles and no pain, is there anything wrong?

I guess 1 week is not enough to say BO is not working!


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