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Spring Boobcamp ~*~ NT(ubular)BE
Hey ladies, I posted a thread in general discussion, I am looking for other women with the same condition to post here
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Please join me!! Post your progtams, pics, or whatever is on your mind <3 

It's been 8 days since I started, more or less without a concrete plan in mind, so I just jumped in, put a castor oil pack on my breasts on the first day, starting taking Vitex 1-2 times a day, tried different massages, noogled and used a volufiline cream once per day. By now, I have a general idea of what my routine should look like, but I am seeing this journey as an experiment, so I will update regularly. Throughout this time, I want to try to dissolve the scar tissue, which constricts tubular breasts, a bit. 

I started week 2 with another castor oil pack.

My plan for this week also includes:
Vitex, Volufiline cream, noogling, massages, introduce exercises and maybe progesterone cream. I also find the idea of subliminal affirmations/binaural tracks intriguing.

I have a cup tuberous breast and I hate them a lot. I’ve been on and off BO for a bit and haven’t been super concrete with my routine. I am currently trying to lose a little bit of weight and I will start my routine when I am done. I will be taking 500 mg a day of bo and massage and I will post and i will my results. Also I am on birth control pills


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