(Acne) scars on face remedy

(30-01-2019, 09:49 AM)lillybloom Wrote:  
(23-01-2019, 10:53 PM)Polly Wrote:  Hi everyone!

I have been getting HUGE break outs on my face since I started NBE... And I have a lot scars now (I get scars that are an even surface so no keloid or atrophic scar, but red/brownish mark). 

Does somebody have a remedy that worked for you?

On the internet I saw a few articles about lavender oil with a diffuser oil, because it is to strong to put it on your skin alone. Or rose hip oil also with a diffuser oil. Has anybody ever tried thi
For the scars, not acne, you can try dermarolling, it's natural, chemical free, but not completely pain free, more of a discomfort, scratching your skin,  you're basically rolling needles on your  skin, but not sharp, pointy  sewing type of needles.  It's recommended to use retinol on your skin for a few weeks first to prepare it, then use an oil afterwards. Whatever you use will be absorbed better. They are really good, also help with collagen production in the skin. though it can take about 3 months, like most things. You can buy one online, just be careful not to buy one that is too long. You can also try buying a product with a high percentage of snail mucus in it. It's very healing for scars. Usually korean stores sell them, you can find them online.  Your skin will also need nutrients to heal itself, so have a healthy diet, clean your body inside, which at first your body may find uncomfortable, but afterwards, it will thank you for i t!  Vitamin C is also excellent for the skin. Stress can be a trigger for acne, try to relax.

Thank you Lilly!!

Hey, natural birch tar soap has a strong regenerating, antiseptic, antiparasitic, drying, anti-inflammatory and calming effect. Not sure if you are interested in soaps or home remedies only, but compared to all the things you can buy over here these days, this is a rather natural approach Smile 

 Amazon: Natural Birch tar soap

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Not sure if they sell this where you live, I only know the Russian soap.

I am a 10 year tretinoin user who has used glycolic, TCA and Jessner peels. It’s helped me a lot with acne and scarring. Dronis Birth Control is also a great solution to keep the zits from forming.

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