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What is the minimum of time you should try a herb program before moving on?
I have been on a herb program for I believe about four months now. I know any NBE method takes time, but shouldn't I see at least the tiniest difference by now? I don't see even a drop of a difference. I am not expecting to see a cup size increase by now, or even half a cup increase by now, but there is literally no difference at all after four months. 

They even shrunk a tiny bit initially. But thank goodness they have not shrunken anymore since then.

Initially, I was going to give myself six months minimum to try each program. But there are so many different programs to try that I don't want to stay on one useless program when there might be another one out there that can produce results for me. 

What do you think I should do? Should I stick to this program for two months more to make it six months, or is it time to try something new?
What herbs are you using? Do you know your hormone levels?
Being a women and knowing how I went from perfect periods to effed up mess I’d say after 4 months if nothing is happening then quit while your ahead and try another method. 

A lot of these people say “you must try for six months “ and maybe they are right... however I’ve xperienced and seen a lot a trickery re NBE over my many years here including fake testimonials (proven) including some places on here highly promoted. And six months might well be the suggested amount of time to see results OR it’s guaranteed income for said seller for six months. 
Just my two cents worth.
What herb programme are you following?


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