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Hi there everyone.

Firstly...physically, genetic male
Mentally in a more than 30 year journey trying to work out where I sit on the gender spectrum, but the best conclusion I can come to is that I’m somewhat fluid. Luckily unlike many transgender people I don’t have any real anguish or disphoria as I seem to be able to sit on the fence so to speak depending on my feelings at the time. 

A little hard to explain, probably harder to understand for someone else and to some in the t/g and other  comunities somewhat of a cop out unfortunately. However hopefully not too many people here will be offended at my presence, as we all know body image amongst other things similar can be distressing and I don’t want to add to anyone’s problems or feelings at all. 

But enough on that stuff I could go on for sometime trying to explain in any more depth. 

I’ve been lurking around this great site for a little while and trying to find as much relevant information as possible. 

While I’m sure most of the info still applies, things like hormone levels will obviously be harder to replicate safely and successfully. However fine tuned hormone balance is probably less critical to genetic males health and function than I think is to women. Assumptions of course based on having heard men discribed in an evolutionary sense as a “blunt instrument” and women as the “finely tuned fully optioned racing model”  Big Grin

Anyway enough for now. 
I love the help and well wishes offered around here and wish the same back. 

About the only thing I’d really like to find that I haven’t so far is relevant info regarding genetic males and what some of the differences may be in approach to NBE compared to females, so if any one knows anything or any relevant threads they could direct me to it would be much appreciated 

Thanks in advance 
Warm regards, Britt  Smile


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