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Is PC really dangerous?

I have pcos, and abnormal lh/fsh ratio.

Lh hormone level; 5
Fsh; 26

This hormone level was tested 3 years ago.
So I think it would have been changed.

I  don’t think vitex is good thing for me.
Vitex will lead to further imbalance.

So I am looking for phytoprogesterone or progesterone that I can take in lutheal phase.

But I heard there’s no phytoprogesterone food. 
So I am considering PC and using it already.
But There seems to be many options that it is dangerous.

Actually, my little swelling was in the lutheal phase, and go back to before size soon. And the little swelling was even uncommon.... Sad

But if I use it carefully, it isn’t dangerous, right?

How can I use it safely?

Is there any alternative?

And, very important question;;
Why Is all swelling going to be restored after menstruation?  Sad
All women have same experience like me?
My swelling lasts less than a week.
Even the swelling comes very uncommonly in lutheal phase.


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