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I can see a difference
Thought I'd share as i enjoy seeing progress pics myself. Been noogling now for 7 weeks, missed a day or two but have been consistent otherwise. I can finally see some progress. First pic is about 3 weeks in and second is 7 weeks in. Both taken first thing in the morning. Very happy! Using the Enhance system. So no pumping. It's more like Brava (same principle). Anyway. I finally feel like it is working . I've breastfed 2 kids so have a few stretch marks and feel they look a lot emptier in first pic.  Seem a lot fuller now. My bra that used to have lots of space is definitely filling up which is great. Will keep at it. Happy noogling!

Edit: sorry can't seem to attach the photo in correct size so it is not enormous when u open it on phone .. argh so.much for my photo then. Will have to try and figure it out

Edit2: ok best i can do (photo) attached.

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Definitely more fullness! That awesome x
Yes indeed!
Much nicer shape.
Congratulations, and happy growing next year too!
Thanks yes its not huge difference but im happy there is a difference after all this boob sucking LOL


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