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Purple's F cup Program Round #2
Hello ladies!
Omg it has been 5 years since i did my program. I started with 34A and my breast grew to C cup with puera powder back then and they're still the same for these last few years after so i can say that the result is permanent to me.

You can check my old program here : 

I want to grow 3 cups more to F cups with bigger butt. I want to lose my weight too.

Here's my starting stat:
Bust : 35.7 inch / 34C
Waist : 27 inch
Butt : 37 inch
Weight : 56.8 kg

Goal :
Bust : 34F
Waist : 24 inch
Butt : 39 inch
Weight : 50 kg

Im taking :
2 x 250 mg Puera Powder
2 x 400 mg Maca 

As you can read my program is very simple. I just redo what i did 5 years ago. But without birth control this time.
I'm going to add Vitex to regulate my period cycle and Spearmint tea soon.
I maybe going to add some other supplements and herbs later, so i will keep this thread updated.

I attached my starting picture below

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And these are in 34C bra

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Damn, lady, your breasts are gorgeous! 

I'm so impressed at your growth from the powder. Can you link to the one you use?  Did you cycle?  I'll go read your old thread now...maybe you answer my questions there.
hi Purple,

thanks for coming back and update your progress. it's a great support to the group.

I went through your old program thread. in the thread you didnt  really mention your growth. You said you hd spotting. May I know what happened afterward, and when did you see the real growth?

good luck with your new program Big Grin


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