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flaxseeds for boobies?
has anyone intaken flaxseeds and have seen growth from it
hey. this is tough because it's all anecdotal  ...mostly. and, we're all different. we respond differently. our diets are different. our endocrine system is a little bit this, a little bit that. we engage with life inside our heads differently ....we may create more cortisol by our anxiety and our adrenals may consume our progesterone to make the cortisol. my body, for instance, looooovves to keep my butt unnecessarily fat. how did that happen. am i going on a trip or something. anyway, i mix up a little drink every morning, a lot of different nutrients but, for the last 12-15 months i've religiously added flaxseed. 

i fine grind an 8th cup flaxseeds and 8th cup raw pumpkin seeds and add some protein, nutritional yeast, lecithin, gynostemma powder from primal herb, collagen, vitC and some other misc things ..gingko biloba, cinnamon, fo-ti, molasses  …and a lot of other little things. it’s embarrassing. add water and blend. so, after all these months, not noogling very much really, i am quite sure that taking the flaxseed so regularly has made a difference cuz my breasts are nearly always on the full side and larger. either that or my hands are smaller. my butt is larger, too. surprise. so, i’ve had to do more butt exercises. anyway, it’s anecdotal but i’m fairly convinced by now, the flaxseed has really done its part. also, there may be a synergy with some of the other stuff i take. i eat enough so my body gets what it needs for maintenance, repair and a little padding. also, i grow wheat and barley grass at home and there may be a synergy with that ..hard to say. also, i don’t know if i mentioned this but my butt is larger.
The "science" behind it is that phytoestrogen present in flax can mimic natural estrogen and help grow breast tissue. The same is sometimes said for soy and sesame seeds/oil.


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