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Tuberous Breasts Questions
Hey Everyone!

I'm new to these forums and I just have some questions on tuberous/tubular breasts (TB). If they have been asked before I do apologize.

So first of all if anyone with tuberous breasts understands, this is kind of a complicated issue to treat. In my case they don't seem to respond to “normal” enhancement methods such as Pueraria Mirifica, or other herbal treatments, or even hormones like Birth Control pills (massage hasn't worked either unfortunately). It seems as though many on this site agree that Bovine Ovary and Noogleberry can work to resolve this deformity.

Sadly, neither has worked for me. I tried Noogleberry for some time, but only saw skin damage and results not lasting more than a few hours. It didn't grant me the round shape I sought after either; actually it just made them a temporary, larger version of my already tuberous breasts. Then they went back down to normal size and this pattern continued for many months. I tried Bovine Ovary for a long time too but didn't see any results with those either, just getting a lot of painful acne. Sorry if I'm being a Debbie Downer, but I'm just explaining what I experienced. I'm just at my wits end.

So here's my decision in going forward: I have decided to get plastic surgery in hopes to correct just the deformity itself, I'm not getting implants or receiving fat injections. I have found some surgeons who are willing to do this, and boy was it a long search!

Here's my question though: when tuberous breasts are corrected surgically in that the bands are released and the tissue is reset properly, are they officially “normal” breasts at that point? What I mean is that can they grow (either through weight gain or hormonal influences), feed babies, and otherwise act like a normal pair of breasts should?

I understand there is a large spectrum of what normal breasts are and can look like, but just imagine my tuberous breasts don't fit in this spectrum. I still want to try NBE after surgery, because I still want to be hopeful that I can have more fuller natural breasts. I just want to know if these new breasts will "respond" better to NBE than they have in the past. As I've mentioned, most growing methods just haven't worked yet and I am stuck at approximately a 32a bra size. The problem is that there just doesn't seem like there's enough info on alternative tuberous breast treatments aside from implants.

Any help would be appreciated! And happy growing to all! Let me know if there is anyone going through this as well. I'd like us all to reach out to one another and end these problems once and for all: whether it be tuberous breasts or NBE not seemingly working at the moment, or anything else. I wish everyone the best and to be happy with their bodies.


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