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Spider vein removal? Anyone with experience?
My spider vein collection is growing and wanting some with experience to fill me in on their experiences with removal. 

What type of procedure did you have.

Was it effective.

Anything else.

Or any other ideas to get rid/reduce them.

Just incase anyones interested.


Am going to try to supplement with pycnogenol and topical apply HCNS cream, and compression stockings at night 'super sexy'. Seems my legs are actually bulging and hurting now! Not sure if it will have any effect on nbe.

Was wondering if an earthing mat or one of those vibrating feet boards would be better for sitting at the computer? More research!
While it won't remove spider veins, I'd suggest inversion therapy.
Whether a Teeter Hang up, gravity boots, headstands, or just putting your legs up against a wall for like 15-30 minutes a night. It will reduce the pressure and aid in lymphatic flow.

I have seen Vitamin K creams out, too, and I'd also suggest going to a Vegan diet if possible. Don't misunderstand, I LOVE meat, especially BACON!!! But we've been doing Purple Carrot for about 3 months now, and ..  clothes fit better, body feels better. Worse, we had to travel for the last four days, so HORRIBLE diet with LOTS of meat and junk food.....
Everything is sore, bloated, backed up, or not working.

Horse Chestnut extract may help; we had bad reactions to it, YMMV. The link Bonny provided is pretty useful.

Part of the Vegan diet will improve the lining of blood vessels.  So will removing processed foods, especially sugars, which WILL kill you by destroying the blood vessel's ability to properly change size (Dilate and contract.)
If they're starting to bulge, try a Nitric Oxide supplement. (NO Pump or such, for bodybuilders.) "OD" on it for a few days, then use it normally or reduced.  The nitric oxide keeps the body healthy, and is partly (completely?) produced by epithelial cells in the blood vessels. As we get older, especially with the modern day stresses and diet, we lose these cells - they don't grow back correctly. So, you need to eat correctly to revitalize the cells and start healing. Compression, elevation of lower body, and the supplement will HELP, but - sad to say - once we lose our youth, it's gone. And it can be at 20 or 90, the age isn't too important. Patrick Stewart lost his hair from 19-20. He was bald by 21. That's just how it goes for some people...    My grandfather smoked for decades, pipe and cigars, and then  decided he didn't want to any more - it wasn't healthy. Lived into his 90s. My father smoked over a pack a day for 60+ years, but died from massive hemorrhaging and collapsed lung, and the aftermath of that. Some of his coworkers died of cancer after smoking for a few decades, and a close family friend never smoked, and died of lung cancer. (Sorry to be morbid.) Point is, you can only work to recover all you can, and deal with what has happened.

BTW< Laser removal DOESN'T WORK. The girlfriend had that done,  and they came back worse. The laser treatment she got basically popped the blood vessels, and they healed....  Just as obvious, maybe more so. 

But reducing the pressure WILL help the vessel heal itself. They are healing all the time, because if the blood leaks out, the organism dies...  ;-)  Call it self interest.  ;-)
for that matter, more movement will help, too. Aerobic walking, just NOT sitting for hours, keeping the body moving and the fluids NOT pooling in the feet. Saltwater swimming, to - the sea helps the body.

Best of luck, and please post any successes!



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