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Round 2!
Well I’m back after about 5 years to give this another try! My life is more in order now then it was back then and I am in a much better and healthier place so it’s time for another shot at this I guess.
I couldn’t remember my old passwords, but my old user name was littlekitty612 and my old program and pics are still here somewhere ?
I’m now 38 and about 5’5” and 125lbs. This morning I measured at 32” over, 34” bust and 30.5” under which according to online calculators puts me at a 32B.
Here is my current supplements/herbs daily:
540mg black cohosh
600mg calcium
520mg fish oil
250mg magnesium
3 daily fiber capsules
2000 mg vitamin c
4000 mg msm
2430 mg fenugreek
450 mg saw palmetto
50 mcg vitamin d
Dab of progesterone cream 

I am also on the mini pill birth control pill (norethindrone) 
I am really working on getting more consistent with the chi massage. I have some old pm capsules that I poured into some rose oil and that’s what I use for massage.
Pics were taken today.
If anyone sees anything I am missing or that might be off or counterproductive, please feel free to share your thoughts!

Ready to give this another go and see what happens!

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