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take PM with calcium and vitamin D?
Hi all,

I've read on the forum to take PM with calcium for best results, but calcium can't be absorbed effectively without vitamin D.  So do I have to take vitamin D and calcium with PM?

Also, I'm in my mid 30s, female, flat chested.  Is it too late for PM to work?  can my body go through puberty again at this age?  My period is fine and came as it should when I was 12 yo, but boobs never seemed to grow.  I literally look like a little kid who never developed.  And is there some kind of enzyme that is in your breast tissue that triggers development?  My mom told me that since she had inverted nipple, my grandma squeezed my nipples out, when I was a baby, in order to prevent that.  However, my sister, who did not go through this, has naturally developed to 32DD cup.  Like WTF?!  My other sister, who was also squeezed, like me, also is flat chested.  So I'm wondering if there was some inherent enzyme or chemical component that is triggered to initiate breast development, except in my case, it was damaged or forcibly squeezed out.

Please help!  and thank you in advance.
p.s. I did try BO for about a year and a half, with milk thistle detox every month (3-4 days).  My boobs had tingling sensation for the first couples of days of taking BO, and then nothing after that...


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