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My hormonal test
I think I have undeveloped breast because I ve never seen them grow!! Also my nipples/areolas seems so childish, so small and inverted. I seem a tanner stage 3.
So, I decided to post in this section.

i ve done hormonal test on blood and this is the result: 

Estradiol 84,40 (normal: 30-246)
Progesterone 4,99 (normal: 1-21) 
Testosterone 39,50 (normal: 6-86) 
FSH 1,36 (normal: 1,2 - 9) 
LH 0,73 (normal 0,5 - 14,7)
DHEAS 269 (normal: 35 - 430) 
Chortisol 9,3 (normal: 7 - 25) 

E/P ratio: 59 (I don t know if it is estrogen dominance or what) 

Ok, all my hormones are fine BUT what I notice is that every hormone is on the lower side except for DHEAS and testosterone. 
(I wanna say I have a lot of black thick hair on lips, claves and nipples and bad acne)



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