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I saw this while looking for exercises, so thought I would share. 5 minute chest!

Personally, I have never experienced muscle gains in just 5 minutes a day, but at least it is a start! I do the exercise 3 times through with as heavy weights as I can handle. 

If you are using lighter weights, you want to aim for 12-15 reps. If you are using heavier weights, 6-8 is usually recommend. The point is to fatigue the muscle(s) by the end of each rep. Have a 40 second to 2 minute break, but no longer before going into the next set. 

Obviously, chest exercises aren't going to build breast tissue. What they do is build up the muscle that is underneath the breast, pushing your breasts out farther from your chest wall, giving you the illusion of bigger breasts. 

You have to eat a lot of protein when it comes to building muscle, as well as eating above your maintenance calories. I prefer the TDEE calculator to get a rough estimate. But of course, genetics and more come into play, so it is just trial and error. https://tdeecalculator.net/

You might gain fat while trying to build muscle, but it is part of eating extra calories to make sure your body has enough energy to recover and build the muscle. You can't gain muscle without the extra calories and if you do, it would take pretty much all your life. 

I aim to only see about half a pound increase on the scale each week, so at least then I know most of the extra weight is muscle gain and not fat gain.

*Edited to mention, you should not work out a muscle group everyday. Only 3 times a week, about every other day. Your body cannot build muscle if the muscle never has a chance to recover. The recovery period is when your body is able to repair the damage that you have done to it, it turn building the muscle.
thank you!
Short and effective!


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