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going to document my chiyomilk routine (massage + supplements)
I have noticed that if you just do the fat brushing you get results after like 8 years and if you do breast massage plus the supplements its like 2-3. I'm going to do the latter, because I honestly am unsure if I can do 8 years of this. I will do the supplements just like chiyomilk and only during my cycle, which I feel like I don't see a lot of people doing. I think generally the cold hard truth is this does take a lot of diligence. Also, her products are either unavailable or extremely expensive so I found some equivalents. 

Atm I'm a 32C-D. I actually really like my size and shape, but recently my chest grew from 32B ish to 32D (don't know why) and now my boobs are very different sizes (one is 32D whereas the other is more like 32C), which I just generally find annoying when I'm wearing tops and would like them to become a bit fuller and roughly the same size. 

Anyway. I guess a goal is probably to be more like 32DD.


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