Nerve damage from pumping

(11-09-2018, 08:22 PM)Jenniferlove Wrote:  You can barely see the veins on the left arm and yet they are super visible on the right.  My right hand swells more too.  I will be super upset if the cat scan cannot help.  Quality of life may be ruined if this cannot be treated and symptoms are only getting worse!

I wore a suction device (Bosom Beauty) for too long and ended up with a pinched nerve under my arm pit. Even when I wasn't wearing it, I would move my arm around throughout the day and feel and ELECTRIC SHOCK type sensation in that area! Scary!

I simply wore it WAY too long in order to get the most swelling. 

As far as the Noogleberry, I could never get it to stay in place long enough for it to inflict this kind of damage in the first place, which is why I switched to Bosom Beauty. But I am sure if I used Noogleberry long enough, it would have had the same effect. There is someone on YouTube who sleeps with it - I couldn't manage that myself, but I thought I would give it a try. Never worked.

These devices can be dangerous if worn too long. That's my verdict on these devices!

Jennifer. You can potentially pursue a lawsuit and win. Please feel better soon.

I am a potential Noogleberry customer who is ready to purchase. However, after reading this thread I am utterly horrified and will not purchase Noogleberry, or any pumping system. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


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