Nerve damage from pumping

(11-09-2018, 08:22 PM)Jenniferlove Wrote:  You can barely see the veins on the left arm and yet they are super visible on the right.  My right hand swells more too.  I will be super upset if the cat scan cannot help.  Quality of life may be ruined if this cannot be treated and symptoms are only getting worse!

I wore a suction device (Bosom Beauty) for too long and ended up with a pinched nerve under my arm pit. Even when I wasn't wearing it, I would move my arm around throughout the day and feel and ELECTRIC SHOCK type sensation in that area! Scary!

I simply wore it WAY too long in order to get the most swelling. 

As far as the Noogleberry, I could never get it to stay in place long enough for it to inflict this kind of damage in the first place, which is why I switched to Bosom Beauty. But I am sure if I used Noogleberry long enough, it would have had the same effect. There is someone on YouTube who sleeps with it - I couldn't manage that myself, but I thought I would give it a try. Never worked.

These devices can be dangerous if worn too long. That's my verdict on these devices!

Jennifer. You can potentially pursue a lawsuit and win. Please feel better soon.

I am a potential Noogleberry customer who is ready to purchase. However, after reading this thread I am utterly horrified and will not purchase Noogleberry, or any pumping system. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


Wow! I am new to NBE and am so glad I read all your threads Jen thoroughly before making any decisions. I am super empathetic and I feel for you I really do. Thank you for sharing all your experiences with us to warn us. I thank God I have found all these old threads and have decided to not ever start pumping. I’m just doing massage and the music and will be starting these herbs that are good for acne and menstrual cramping which also have herbs for breast growth in them unintentionally which may help! 

I pray for complete healing to all you ladies hopefully stopping the pumping and enough time and taking care of our bodies will restore you all new here on earth as it is in heaven as our womanly bodies were made to be! In Jesus name Amen?

I think the biggest problem with pumping is the degree of pressure you use. Countless times I've given myself nasty bruises and had to stop for weeks while they heal. I suspect that a very moderate amount of suction pressure would work just as well as stronger pressure. However if you don't use an excessive amount of pressure the cups may fall off. I've not tried this, but I think something that might work would be to cut out the cup area of an old full coverage bra and put it on over the cups to hold them on while doing suction at a very low pressure.

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