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Stopping birth control, advice appreciated
I've been taking Swansons BO now for just over 4 month along side my birth control without issue (no real growth, but no side effects either). I am now looking at stopping my BC pill, but didn't know if I should stop BO for a bit while my body gets used to no synthetic hormones, or, will BO help kick start my ovaries and pituitary again?
Any opinions, advice or suggestions would be welcomed
Well, I decided to continue BO as normal and I finished up with BCP with my fingers crossed that I wasn't going to confuse my body too much. What I experienced was a bit of boob shrinking which I guess was just swelling from the BCP. My first cycle kicked in and was a perfect 28 days, and AF arrived painlessly and lighter than it ever was before BC. The only negative I have had are a few more breakouts than normal, which I'm not sure if that's because of stopping BCP or an effect of BO that was previously masked by BCP. Either way, at the moment it's nothing drastic. I know the path to stopping birth control can take up to 12 months, but hopefully this is a sign of what's to come. I didn't get any growth this cycle, but I'm assuming that I could be looking at a couple of months from this point to see a change (being that I have a feeling birth control and BO may oppose each other. I know it's claimed BO won't interfere with BC, this is just my line of thought.)
Anyway, just wanted to post this for future reference for anyone else that may find themselves in a similar situation.


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