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Has this something to do with hormonal imbalance?
]I started puberty really early I was 11 years old. I am now 17 years old I was always really content with my Boobs my areola was just normal looking (Not puffy) and I was fitting a 34B bra. My breasts were beautiful. When i was 15 I started using bcp. I was eating really bad and I gained a lot of weight. Keep in mind that I was really skinny before so it was Not that I looked fat. Just normal. I used the pill for a year and my breasts were Getting bigger and my areola Got puffy. Is this due to a hormonal imbalance?!
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Well, the weightgain and bigger breasts would most likely be because of the BCP. As for the puffy areola... I don't really know, but I've always felt like they are like that when the breast is in the "beginning" stages of growing. Mine are still puffy unless cold or excited somehow, but I also feel like my breasts didn't finish their growth (they are back at it after starting BO though). Maybe it will go away later?


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