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Switching from BO to PM
So, I decided to switch from BO to PM. I experienced really good growth from BO and I was very happy with it. However, I started having problems with my period so I stopped using it.

I'm over 35 and I did a hormone test and found out some good things about my levels. Based on my age, I decided that PM will probably work better for me.

So far so good. I am very happy. I had the best period I have ever had in my life  Smile

My breasts are also responding more to the PM. I think I've made a good choice switching.
I am soooooo HUNGRY!!!!! I could eat an entire cow!!!

I can't believe how hungry I am. Did anyone else experience this??????
Estrogens make you hungry, it’s normal. 
Pay attention to you testo, which increases with your age, PM doesen’t work well if you have hight androgens
it is normal as phytoestrogens are making your body activate all its functionalities to have a more feminine body.

Lots of chemical reactions provoke heat in your body and heat is energy and that energy needs to be replaced and that is why your body is telling you.. give more energy as I am working a lot along chemical processes.


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