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hello again, looking at my local market I found fenugreek, but I know that by itself it may not work for NBE so I would like to complement it with other options however I can not get many of the products that are normally used because I live in a very small town and I do not have a card to buy online ... the options I have are ground flaxseed, cumin, thyme, licorice, parsley, anise and cumin. I do not know much about hormones or cycling, I take birth control pills and I have been taking soy isoflavones and flaxseed but when I have an increase  1 or 2 centimeters it disappears with the days is very rare and frustrating. I thank you very much for your help: 3 sorry for my bad english. I´m 20 years old girl. Blush
Are you massaging your breasts with oil? Olive oil or coconut oil or flaxseed oil are common choices. I wonder if you can mix the fenugreek with the oil. Massage 5 minutes at least twice a day. Also drink water.
You can use saw palmetto and fenugreek. I think is a good combo!


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