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So confused
i don’t know if my endocrine system is ok, i’m so confused. 
I went to my ob gyn last year because i thought i had PCOS, but she told me i havent PCOS. 
I have a lot of hair on my body, black and wide hair.
 I have acne and i’m 26.
I have my period every 18/20 days, not every 25-30 days.
My period is very light (I think because not enough progesterone) 
I’m flat like a child (not an A cup, i’m Fucking flat!) But I’m very bottom heavy, because of my flat chest with a lot of nipple black hair I feel like a man.
I suffer anxiety and depression since I was 12 and i take citalopram. 
I tried a lot of things but with no results. 
I can’t understand what goes wrong. 

Is someone here like me? 
I think I fail because I can’t get What type of hormonal imbalance I have.


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