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hi, fenugreek for PCOS, when?
last month, I saw my little swellen.
but when my menstruation is over, my breasts are swellen very much Sad

before NBE : 30c
little swellen : 30d
menstruation : 30c
follicular phase(now): 30b

I take licorice root and hops, sometimes fenugreek in follicular phase.
but, my breasts is rather shrink.
now, my breasts is small even than before.

my acne is still severe

I don't know how to......

Is it okay if I take fenugreek my overall menstrual cycle?
I wondered even I suffered PCOS.
fenugreek contains steriodal saponin right?
but in my follicular phase, I don't know which should I take
flaxseed doesn't seem to be fit me.

and, I purchased fenugreek oil, hops oil!
I read that oil is better than pill
topical method is better than oral pills, right?
so, I purchased them. 
but, I doubted that it doesn't seem to be absorbed.
and oil doesn't smell good Sad
4.I heard ginseng is good for NBE
I live in korea, so I can get more "red ginseng" than "ginseng"
which is better for NBE?

please help me!!!
thank you for reading my thread Smile


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