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herbs for Low progesterone
i'll take my hormones test on September. 
anyway, nothing worked for me, i Think i was wrong with my programs, i followed most popular programs that worked for some people, but we are all different, so maybe i choose wrong programs. 
i read a lot about hormones and endocrine System and i could be a Women with Low progesterone. 

symptoms of Low progesterone: 
-depression, mood changes,anxiety, insomnia, foggy brain
-water retention 
-menstrual problems (if u have PCOS you know that it leads to irregular periods, but if u have a regular but too short. , you can be lack of progesterone, for example, i have my period every 18/20 days) 
-pear shaped body (heavy butt and hips but not boobs, if u are asking yourself why are u flat despite of a lot of body fat, maybe you're lack of progesterone)
-bad skin 

i don't know why some Young girls are lack of progesterone, i read it can be related to stress, birth control, xenoestrogens etc... 
but i'm not sure of this, for example, i always eat organic, i do exercise, i Pay attention to xenoestrogens, but my body sucks at all!!! most girls are stressed, take birth control pills, but they're ok. (anyway, i have severe depression since i was 17)

so, what kind of herbs? in what phase? 
i read about vitex, White peony, spearmint etc... 
what are the best dose of this herbs? 
they worked for you?

i need some review from girls like me, heavy bottom but with an A/AA cup. i don't wanna try something which makes my butt wider but with no effects on boobs, everything i tried destroyed my skin and my fucking body, but i can't give up!!


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