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Msm and vit C only - last chance
(12-10-2018, 06:00 PM)Cely Wrote: Yes you’re right, less fat=less aromatase=Less estrogens
I think i’m Lack of estrogens and progesterone (I cant feel anything during my lutheal phase, no bloating, no breast swelling and my AF is too light, and than I have symptoms of hight androgens) my body is not the typical body of a women witch estrogen dominance (no large hips, no Brazilian butt) I have fatty thights with seddlebags, inner thight is too fatty and fat in my knees too. I think my body seems a PCOS body (the body of a fat child)
ASAP i’ll Post a photo.

There are some pcos articles at this site, looks interesting... maybe youll find something Smile 


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