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Herbs for Hormonal Balance / PMS??
Hi ladies,
So this isn't exactly about NBE.. I am wondering which herbs you have found to be helpful for PMS, specifically mood swings, cramping, and possibly hormonal acne, but its really just the mood swings I would hope to get under control.

I was thinking of maybe trying chasteberry/ vitex. In the past I have tried maca. Anything that anyone would recommend? 

I know it says newbie, I was a member years ago and forgot my account name Big Grin my goals back then were for growth, right now I am looking for balance!
I definitely recommend Vitex. Vitex helps with PMS and I've read many success stories with it. It also helps with PCOS. You can start taking it during your follicular phase and see if it helps. If it does continue taking it.
PMS is linked to estrogen dominance, so, the best choice is PC, but vitex is ok too. 

Skip saw palmetto if you have PCOS and want to get rid of wide body hair, it will make your estrogen dominance worse. 

Don’t forget to eat organic, you must eat a lot of fibers to get rid of your excess of estrogens/xenoestrogens.


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