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First program after hormone panel
Hey guys! I need help!
I have always had an AAA cup, no matter my weight. Right now I am 58 kilos 173 cm, my weight has been between 52 and 61 kilos and my breasts were never affected. I’m very bottom heavy but also have a tiny waist.... anyways  I have gotten a hormone panel done and I am so confused... it came out that I have way too much testosterone, my estrogen and progesterone are normal but both pretty low and I am estrogen dominant. My estrogen/progesterone ratio is 60, normal starts from 100. My free testosterone is 69 pg/ml (normal <49). 
I started spearmint tea and flaxseeds and my noogleberry is on the way. It is really difficult to find programs for my unusual hormone constellation ...
I would think I should take vitex, the question is should I be taking estrogens too in the first 15 days of my cycle ? Like PM? Or something else? I did try out hops cream like 5 years ago and got a lump in my boob and stopped after like 2 weeks ....
Thank you!!
People will vary in their opinions. If i were you i would stick with the flaxseeds to metabolise E but wouldnt go over the top. Noogle - great and id take vitex (wouldnt go over 80mgs ish) as well to raise your progesterone and hopefully level out between the E & P. Id also take spearmint tea and see how you went. 
There was a great success story here of a girl who did PM first half, progesterone cream second half and also took spearmint. She wasnt e dom though which is why i would leave the pm alone, also progesterone cream isnt for the faint of heart so chasteberry longer but gentler. 
Just my opinion Smile
Hi, so I read up more and now have the following Programm

1) 2200  mg fenugreek per day ( half in the morning, half in the evening)
2) 300 mg saw palmetto extract per day 
3) progesterone cream 
4) spearmint tea 2xday 

And I noogle. 

I do this since about two weeks and so far nothing... I know it’s early, but since last time the estrogen creme (hops) had some kind of effect from the start, should I start with some estrogen? Hops again? Red clover?
The last few days I have been feeling very off, tired and sooooo dizzy. I'm pretty sure it is the fenugreek, so I will reduce my intake. 
What does wonders for my skin is the spearmint tea!! I started taking it before I started anything else and my skin got so clear! I stopped for a few days because I ran out and bam, back to break out. Now I'm back on it and no pimples are to be seen. I'm a fan.
Noogling is very hard for me because the boobs are so small it barely fits and falls off a lot Sad
So I will reduce the fenugreek to half and see if I feel better.
So far no progress, no tingles, nothing
You didn't mention if you massage. You should massage with an oil like coconut oil at least twice a day for 10 minutes, just enough oil to be completely absorbed. Use much more oil when noogling so breasts slide easily into the cups.
Hi Mimi, NBE is quite hard for us pear shaped. 
Sometimes I think it works just for skinny flat girls, like Asian girls. 
Try topical solutions. Try PC just in your lutheal phase. This should works.
Spearmint is ok. 
Add msm or collagen. 

I suggest you: PM cream for your breast in the follicular phase and PC cream in your lutheal and spearmint everyday. 
Don’t swallow herbs please, your hips will come huger!!!
Noogling is the best solution to grow, but just for girls with a B cup who wants a C cup!!!!! 
I’m flat, less than an A cup, i noogled but...nothing!
(18-08-2018, 03:52 PM)Cely Wrote: Noogling is the best solution to grow, but just for girls with a B cup who wants a C cup!!!!! 
I’m flat, less than an A cup, i noogled but...nothing!

Hey cely! I read your posts, yes I think it is the hardest for us pear shaped, because we are not skinny but have enough fat distributed somewhere else! I will use topical hops the first half of my cycle with a little pc (because I'm already e dominant) and more pc in the second half.. Of the oral herbs I use very little, but I have to get my testosterone down so saw palmetto it is .. We will see if anything works 
And yes I massage Smile
I don't know about msm, it sounds scary and I haven't read enough about it yet...
This thread is for us e dominant, is very important use the right herbs, if u don’t your boobs may shrink. 
Some girls (girlfriday) suggest FG, but i’m Not sure since i’m Quite fat. 

In this thread girlfriday collected all programs of girls with AA cup or less. I read everything, and NO one of this has claimed success.

The less you star the more is difficult to grow. 

An other girl (I don’t remember her name, but in one of my thread in the section “glandular therapy” I linked her post)
Claimed success using BB pills without gaining weight (she is a pear shaped too) 
BB seems to be great, everyone has report 3-cup-size-grown, maybe the weight gain is worth :Smile
I decide to want try it, but i’m Not sure it will come to my country. 

Pay attention on saw palmetto, a lot of people claimed wider thights and hips.
So I finished my first cycle and wanted to update:

I don't take fenugreek anymore because it made me dizzy even in the lowest doses. I massage with hops extract twice daily in the lutheal phase +pc+sp. I have no side effects of the pc even if I use a looot. I uped the sp to 600 MG / day (extract) I have great skin right now and I think a little less hair around the nipples! I don't think I've gained weight or thighs, but I don't own a scale so I'm not sure.
My breasts are definitely a little swollen, I really suck at measuring and get something totally different anytime I try Big Grin so I am just looking at my bras and there is still plenty of room in my 32 As.
So since I didn't really use any estrogen last month I will add hops oraly in the first half of my cycle this time. Cheers Smile


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