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BO + Flax Oil?
Hello everyone :Smile

This is my first post. This forum has greatly inspired me on my NBE journey. I shall make a separate thread about my progress, but for now,may I ask your advice on whether taking BO (x3 capsules per day) along with Flaxseed Oil (x10 capsules, 1000mg each per day) is a good idea? 

To your knowledge, could Flax potentially interfere with the effectiveness of BO?

I have been taking the above together for the past week. At present, my program is:

x3 Swanson Bovine Ovary (250 mg per capsule) per day.
x4 Maca (500 mg per capsule) per day. .
x6 Krill oil (1000mg per capsule) per day
x10 Flax oil capsules (1000mg per capsule) per day

I stopped Vitex as it definitely caused some shrinking. Shall let you ladies know how it goes.

Thank you in advance :Smile

Warm wishes.


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