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Breast Growth Method WITH Implants?? (ALSO remedy options for puffy/big nipples?)
Hi ladies!

I am new to this site and want to find the right plan for myself. I am a bit overwhelmed because my situation is complicated. I had breast reconstructive surgery to fix my tuberous/underdeveloped breasts around 6 years ago. My surgeon used cohesive gel implants under the muscle. My nipples are puffy, big and I was told they are placed higher up than normal, and my breasts/nipples kind of go to the sides.

Ideally, I would like to fix/grow my breast naturally and remove my implants. Although I haven't had any complications I don't feel comfortable with foreign objects in my body, and would prefer my breasts to be natural. But I don't want to remove my implants before I see substantial growth - would this be possible? Can I noogle (or perhaps use a massage technique that would bring equal improvements)? Any other options?

Any suggestions about a plan for someone with implants and/or to improve the nipples issue would be appreciated, thanks Smile
Hi Leiela,
I cant begin to think of a solution for you.
Normally Noogle and massage would work but with the implants I'd be afraid of noogle.
massage and some good boobie butter might be your best choice.
here are my favorite massage threads:



I will be interested to see what other options pop up here.
No actual knowledge but I think that it would be ok if the cups are significantly larger in diameter than the implants. What you need to avoid is restricting blood flow to the portion of your breasts further into the cups.


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