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Does anybody knows the herb that lower LH/FSH ratio and testosterone level?
I tested blood test and ultrasound in june,2017.
LH/FSH ratio is very high,
LH hormone level  was 27,
FSh level was 5 

and testosterone level was high.

I want to cure both and enlarge my breasts.

I have severe acne and leg hair.

and I have little "male patterned baldness"

when I take PC in luteal phase, my baldness is seemed relieved.

now, I take fenugreek and licorice root  in Follicular phase, and take PC in luteal phase. but when I take fenugreek and licorice, I have severe acne..... Sad

everyday, I take v-d3, omega-3, msm, v-c, probiotics.

when I don't know that spearmint tea stimulates lh level, I always drink alot. But not anymore.

I wanna know the herb that lower testosterone and lh/fsh ratio, or that is good for PCOS.

I heard that fenugreek and licorice and hops, but they don't seem to suit me a bit(I have to wait and see, but)

Please tell me if you know
thank you!
I've already made updates to the herb schedule (that lower LH), and added parts about hot-flashes and hirsutism that applies to improving the FSH to LH ratio. Anyone please let me know below if this helps with androgenic symptoms.
Just try saw palmetto for your Iperandrogenism, don’t take vitex, it increases LH. 

Try at first to decrese your androgens, which can increase your LH/FSH ratio.
Can anyone with hirsutism confirm if equal parts of mint and lavender, less than 100mg of each, lower body hair during the first days of proliferative phase, and cause breast growth? The first days of proliferative phase are after menstruation is over, and there is no cervical mucus or when cervical mucus is sticky.
I may have my answer. It might work.
Mixed results.
Mint and lavender have worked for some, but typically it doesn't work. These two herbs do not pair well.
(12-11-2018, 06:23 AM)Dynseli Wrote: Mint and lavender have worked for some, but typically it doesn't work. These two herbs do not pair well.

I usually take spearmint tea, but it doesn't work at all.


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