(01-11-2018, 11:40 PM)gdkjhs Wrote:  
(07-07-2018, 03:59 AM)surferjoe2007 Wrote:  Lactation doesn't increase breast size as much as you might think.  While pregnancy causes lactation, the breast size increase is mostly from estrogen and progesterone and only a small part is from prolactin.  Prolactin also reduces multiple other hormones and so in some cases can reduce breast size, especially when there's way too much prolactin.

It really depends on the circumstances. There are a plethora of accounts online of large increases after intentionally inducing lactation, without pregnancy. Although after weaning the size can decrease somewhat, if there was a large increase (which one can aim at through stimulation and amount of lactation), it is unlikely to go back to the original size. 

I agree regarding domperidone. While accounts on the internet are that is it well-tolerated and safe, there are reports it causes an increased risk of heart problems. Why take the risk? Even if it is safe in young, healthy persons, who is going to know in advance if she has an underlying predisposition for a heart condition?

I am on domperidone for tummy trouble. I am in USA and to legally use it I have had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it. The gastroenterologist told me that there is a significant risk of heart trouble and I had to do labs and an EKG first. Then order it from a pharmacy in Texas while I am in Oregon. 
My understanding is the dosages some nursing moms have used are extremely dangerous.  The cardiac risk is a prolongation of the QTc signal with the heart and it could cause arrhythmia or heart attack. Not to be taken lightly. 
I hope that this stuff has positive boobie effects but it really is just for my terrible tummy trouble.

I’ve ordered Domp and will be taking a very low dose to develop my glands to just below the threshold of lactation. Taking BC prevents lactation from actually occurring. I’ll stay on my herbs as well. 

The maximum dose is 30 mg, so I’ll be taking that amount. That will also prevent prolactin from getting too high and cratering GnRH And dopamine.

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