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My B⊙⊙bie Journey (from 32A)
Currently it's day 11 of my cycle. 

Some bad but helpful news. 

I've been losing weight rapidly (partially due to my poor sleeping/eating habits). I've been trying to gain weight and go to the gym, which has kind of been working. I've been toning up but my chest is FAR from full. I believe that my breasts actually shrunk -- they're the smallest they've been in a while right now. Could also be because my period just ended. However, as a result of the PM I've also started getting hormonal acne on my chin and the hair on my body (legs, privates) are growing at an accelerated rate. I also feel a lot more moody. I did some research and I think what's happening is that the boost in estrogen is causing my body to naturally produce more testosterone, as a way to sort of balance it out. 

That was counter-productive so I bought some Spearmint tea (an anti-androgen) as well as Licorice-Peony pills (testosterone reducers) to try to stop the testosterone. In the meantime, I'm doing a Milk Thistle cleanse for the next week (until my Luteal Phase). 

When I start my Luteal Phase, I'm going to focus on drinking Spearmint tea as often as I can and incorporate the Licorice-Peony pills in an attempt to block the testosterone. I will still take Red Clover and massage with a small amount of progesterone cream every few days.

I'm hoping that after the Luteal Phase, my period comes on time. If it does, I'm going to use a more gentle approach this time. I am not going to take supplements during my period next month, and once it ends I will take 1/4 of a PM tablet while drinking Spearmint tea everyday. I'm going to be monitoring and recording how I feel around this time, mostly paying attention to my mood, acne, and body hair growth, as these are good indicators as to what's going on in my body.

My goal is to steadily increase my estrogen/progesterone while keeping testosterone levels at bay. As a naturally skinny and somewhat underweight female, it is much easier for my testosterone levels to rise. It is very easy for me to lose weight and not gain it. I am taking some weight gaining protein powder everyday as well. Hoping the next update will be more optimistic!
It’s been a year since you updated your thread. How did it go?

Any updates?


Hi petiterose, are u sure this is mayusakimilk program?

I guess you’re wrong , please dont shallow PM in your lutheal.

Use less PM in your period and then use strong PM till day 12-13, then stop all!!!

Youre going into estro dominance this is why you re losing boobs and grow hair.

Good luck.


(10-07-2018, 03:22 AM)petiterose Wrote: Just received Glamour and 99% PM in the mail today!

So far I've been taking collagen everyday.

Today is day 2 of my period and I am going to start taking Glamour. Since I am just beginning after a long break, I'm going to ease myself in slowly. This is my plan for the month:

- Half of a Glamour tablet 
- Collagen 
- Calcium

Follicular Phase
Day 7-9
- 1/4 tablet of 99% PM
- Collagen
- Calcium
Day 10-12
- 1/2 tablet of 99% PM
- Collagen
- Calcium
Day 13-17
- Full tablet of 99% PM 
- Collagen
- Calcium
- might incorporate some progesterone cream near the end 

Luteal Phase

- Collagen
- 1 tablet Red Clover
- Progesterone cream every few days

Where did you buy Glamour and is there a version like it I can get in the US?



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