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Review my program pretty please?
Hi everyone, 

Thank you so much for all of your help! I only discovered the forum about a week ago but I have already learned SO much from all of you. 

I've heard that there aren't a lot of people on the forms anymore but if anyone is out there that could please review my program and let me know what you think because I want to make sure that I'm on the right track. Any suggestions are welcome! Even if you aren't an expert I'm sure you have more experience than I do so feel free to comment with any advice that you may have. 

Okay so this is what I'm thinking of for my program: 

Pumping and Massages: 

-Female deer and Chi 2x a day for 5-10 minutes each. (once before pumping) - with coconut oil and spearmint cocoa butter.

- A warmed up bean bag to lay across my chest for a couple minutes to heat up my chest before pumping.

-Pumping with the bosom beauty for 1-3 hours every day. Probably about 1.5-2 most days.
(possibly taking breaks for a few minutes after each 30 minute session? Opinions?)

-Applying heat bag to my chest again right after pumping as I fall asleep. 


- Fenugreek tablets
- MSM tablets
- Ground cold-pressed flax seeds. 
- BO (As I go to bed with my heat pack)

Tracking my progress: 

- Photos (braless and with a bra)
- Measuring once a week or every two weeks (I don't want to obsess and drive myself crazy)
- Journal logging: Massage time, pumping time and level, swelling, how long the rings take to disappear, how consistent I am with my oral routine and the amounts, how I am filling out my bras, and size in measurements. 

So a couple of questions:

1. Any suggestions on how much of each of the oral supplements I should be taking? I've done some research but I don't know if them being combined changes anything. I am a 5'7'' female, 23 years old and about 110 pounds if that helps. 

2. Can the ground flax seed be used topically if I mix it with oil or will that not work at all? Should I maybe just buy some fenugreek oil on amazon? 

3. How much do I have to keep warm with the BO? Will going to bed with a heat pack be sufficient or do I need to keep warm 24/7? And does my entire body temperature need to be kept up or is just my chest enough? I was thinking of maybe putting small heat packs in my bra during the day. 

4. Is a little soreness (internally) normal after pumping? It almost feels like I did a lot of push-ups yesterday!

So far I have all of the supplements except for the BO and I did the bosom beauty for 30 minutes the first day and an hour the second day. I only received it two days ago. I notice a little bit of swelling but it seems to go away in a couple minutes after removing the cups. 

I want to try pumping for two years and I will probably stick with the oral part of the plan for at least 3 months or longer before changing anything unless something doesn't agree with my body. I know I should probably take some breaks from pumping every few months so I will do that. 

Thanks so much for any feedback you can give me.
Hi Tracey,

Your program is pretty unique combing BO and fenugreek. I am not sure about the dosage once you combined them. I do know if you use fenugreek alone, the dosage typically ranges between 1500mg to 3000mg. The skinnier you are, the lower your optimized dosage would be. I am sure things changed with BO. You will have to do your experiment there. 

Instead of ground flaxseed, you can just massage with flaxseed oil. Less messy. Flaxseed oil is a lot popular then fenugreek oil on this forum for some reason.

Hopefully other BO user can answer your body temp question. I think it’s not so much keeping your body warm but make sure your morning body temp is high enough. Lots of people take kelp to help with that.

Soreness is good! Makes me feel I am doing something right and my body is responding to it! As long as you are not abusing your breast while pumping (purple boobs) or get red dots afterward you are good. Make sure you drink plenty of water to help with the soreness.
Hey there,
I'm no expert, by I don't think you're meant to mix BO with other herbs, it can cause an estrogen overload in your body. And in the way of your body temperature, for BO to be most effective, your temp should be at least 98.2 or above at all times. Saying this, I think some have had luck despite keeping their temperature up, i believe this is just the optimal level. 
All the best with your program  Big Grin


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