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New User Planning My Personal Program
Okay, so I actually joined the site a while ago, and have just recently decided to take part in the program myself. I have the goal of losing weight while also growing my breast in order to achieve a more hourglass figure. My current figure is 36 -30-45 (in inches), and my goal is to be around 40-26-40 (I don't really care about the number on the scale, more so on how I look and fit my clothing). So does anyone have any tips on which herbs and massages I should incorporate into my program?? I don't want to use a noogleberry or anything like that, but if anyone has a routine that has really worked out for them, I would love to hear it! Also, how realistic is my goal?? Has anyone achieved four inches of breast growth in around 1-2 months, or is that too ambitious?? Any help is appreciated!
Hi Lilnat,
So here are my favorite threads!
Two massage threads, and the other is Vixy's plan that seemed to work well for her for losing weight and NBE.
http://www.breastnexus.com/showthread.php?tid=24820 -Vixy

There is no magic potion and everyone's plan is different.
And most important is that its a slow process, so dont give up, establish a baseline with measurements and pics, and you'll be able to see whats really happening.

Check out the programs folder for some good advice one what works and what doesn't.

Your goals are bit ambitious but if you give it your all, it will be fun to cheer you along the way.
Personally BO and Maca went to my waist and hips, which is NOT where I wanted breast growth to go. So if you try them just watch the tape, and do a lot of squats.

Dig in and happy growing
Yea I think I'm gonna modify my goals by a few inches (I'm thinking more 38-26-39ish), because I really don't want my breasts to be that much bigger, I just want to go up a cup (maybe 2). I'm currently a size 36C and I really wanna fill out a DD. The links you gave me were great, and I actually just went out and bought some supplements based off of them. I think I'm gonna post another thread just to keep up with my progress and keep myself accountable throughout the process. Thanks so much for the reply!  Big Grin


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