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Flat chested and 39
I'm 39 years old and flat. My breasts just stopped growing at about 13, I appear stuck between Tanner 2 and 3. I believe it's hormonal because I had dark hair around my nipples in my teens, which I used to pluck and shave in case any of my b*tchy friends might see. I did successfully breastfeed 3 kids until they were 2 years old, with abundant milk supply unless I was menstruating, which would pick back up after. The first few months of breastfeeding I would start out at a small C cup, later to go down to a B, then to an A. Now I measure 32 under and 34 around my breasts. I've tried every bra and every bra size, none are comfortable because the A cups feel tight, the B loose, and adjusting band sizes isn't helping. I settled for stretchy sports nursing bras that have pockets where you can add pads, makes my body appear more proportioned. The icing on my cr@p cake, my breasts are also tuberous ?. Here's the thing I did try fenugreek tea the other day, triggered a raging migraine, so I won't repeat that....however I do notice more of an outline around the bottom area of my breasts after drinking it. Yes no lie after one dose of tea. I'm not even wanting to really grow, I've accepted my small breast fate, but I would kill for the top of my breasts to round out, I do not have time for noggleberry or the money for surgery/fat transfers. Is there any hope to fill out the top with supplements and massage?
Emali, what kind of body shape have you? 
What have you tried? 
Have you ever tried Bovine ovary? 
Stay away or estrogenic herbs! They’re ok and works, but you must cycle!! You can’t take fenugreek everyday for the whole life, you won’t see anything happen! 
Talk about you And maybe we can help you. 
Don’t give up!


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