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Is milk thistle good for nbe?
Hi lovely!
I wanna know about some questions,
It is about endocrine system Smile
Many people take milk thistle for detox the liver.
We take it too “detox the liver during resting time”
I bought “c-cup code e-book”,
And this advised “ three months on nbe, and one month on detox and three months on nbe and one month on detox in rotation”
And “ you can take milk thistles on detox time”

Does it slow down if I take it on nbe time?

Does MsM help the liver?
And then this slow down nbe,too?

I read “spearmint tea makes the liver bad” before.
Is it true?

I usually take vitaminD 5000ui everyday becaus it is good for pcos, the liver, insulin resistance.

Does my breasts get smaller again when I eat good things for the liver after I finish NBE?

I heard the liver lowers estrogen
And breasts’ size is closely related to woman’s hormone.

Thank you for reading
And please reply!
Bye lovely all!! Wink


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