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Best effects for tuberous breasts?
Hi, I'm just starting to dip my toe into NBE. I'm wondering if any of this is going to be helpful to correct a tuberous (tubular, snoopy) breast shape? One of my girls looks ALMOST like a normal small breast, but with a huge areaola, the other looks like a "man boob" older guys seem to get when they gain weight, also with an enlarged areaola.

I'm not terribly displeased with my size IN a bra. I measure at a 34D, currently and Victoriassecret Body Demi fits best within my limited option range right now, though because of the shape of my breasts there's room in the bottom of the cups. It's really more of a shape/volume issue for me.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the best course of NBE routines might help these particular issues most effectively. I wouldn't mind gaining some inches, I'm just MORE worried about shape, you know?

I know I'm super sensitive to hormones so I'm a little scared to try some of the stuff I'm seeing. I was on LoLoestrin briefly and it shot my BP up to the 200/95 range in less than a week and made me sick. I definitely believe that subliminals can increase hormone output too. I tried listening to sapien medicines routine for progesterone and his breast enhancement one, and like clock work I started getting sick like I was on BC certain times of the month.

I'm sorry this is so long, I'm trying to be thorough, I just would really appreciate any help people can give me.
I believe your best bet would be breast pump such as noogleberry. Some member mentioned depending on where you place your suction cup you can manipulate your breast shape. Herb is more overall effect can make your breast fuller and perkier but not so much shaping changing. I hope I can share more with you but I personally have no breast tissue at this moment  Dodgy


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